Online Seminar: Cuba/US Relations

Posted by ACFS Sydney on August 11, 2021

ONLINE SEMINAR: Saturday 21 Aug, 9am, Facebook live

I have some exciting news! The Institute of Friendship with the Peoples is launching a series of seminars in partnership with the ACFS Southern Cross Brigade. The webinars are being held in place of the annual Southern Cross Brigade to Cuba, which unfortunately cannot proceed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. During these seminars, we will hear from Cuban experts on a range of domestic and international issues pertaining to Cuba. This is a really wonderful opportunity for us to have a taste of the brigade experience from our living rooms!

The first seminar will be a Facebook live event on 21 August starting at 9am (Eastern Standard Time) and will focus on US-Cuba Relations. The talk will also be available via YouTube.

This seminar will be run by Cuban academics from the University of Havana's Centre for Hemispheric and United States Studies, as well as the International Politics and Research Centre. The Centre for Hemispheric and United States Studies investigates the political, ideological, social and economic aspects of the North American domestic reality, as well as it's foreign policy, both at a global and regional strategic level. The International Politics and Research Centre carries out prospective research in the medium and long term in the field of international politics and relations, with a strategic focus on the United States, Latin America and the Caribbean.

To find the seminar on the day, see the Facebook event by clicking on this blue text.

Cuba US Relations