Southern Cross Brigade

Annual study trip to Cuba

Join the annual Southern Cross Brigade to Cuba from late December to mid January each year! This three week trip gives Australians and New Zealanders the chance to understand Cuba’s unique, yet often misunderstood, political history and to participate in Cuba’s rich cultural heritage. As the Cuban Revolution celebrates its anniversary in January, there is no better time to join the brigade and to find out what life is like in socialist Cuba!

The Southern Cross Brigade offers the opportunity to experience the cultural, political and social conditions in socialist Cuba firsthand through visits to hospitals, schools, urban agriculture projects, historical sites and more!

Brigadistas (brigade participants) will also meet with a range of Cubans who work for national organisations, such as the unions and the Women’s Federation, as well as people working in government, including economists and foreign affairs experts.

Participants will also experience agricultural life, spending a few mornings alongside Cuban farmers doing agriculture activities such as fruit picking, pruning or planting.

The Southern Cross Brigade is organised by friendship societies in Australia and New Zealand, in collaboration with the Cuban Institute of Friendship with the Peoples, which is an organisation that maintains links with hundreds of organisations around the world with the aim of strengthening international friendship and solidarity.

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